Hair extensions require an in-person consultation. A consultation is necessary to make sure we are reaching your hair goals. Hair is to be paid at the time of booking your installation. 

  • BEADED WEFTS - Also known as Hand-Tied Extensions. Hair cost ranges, with the average head needing 2-3 rows for length and volume. You may spend anywhere from $400-$800 on the hair alone. I charge $100 per full row and $50 per half row at your first installation. For move up's I charge $80 per full row, $40 per half row, with the average full head of length & volume needing two and a half rows. You will see me for move-ups every 6-10 weeks. This is a reusable option and my personal favorite!


  • FUSION EXTENSIONS - Cost for hair is slightly lower than weft extensions. These can be worn up to 6 months, but cannot be reused. I charge $100 per hour with the average head of length and volume taking about an hour and a half. 


  • TAPE-IN EXTENSIONS - Pricing for hair is about in the middle of weft extensions and fusion extensions, with each bag starting at $120.  The average head will need 3 bags, with installation being $80 per bag used. Tape-ins are a reusable option as well. These pair great with beaded wefts.